Puriste Has Relaunched
With a New Look and Website at Puristeskincare.com

Puriste is pleased to announce its relaunch. Armed with our original formulas and Dr. Garnis-Jones' advanced approach to skin care, the brand has adopted a new minimal aesthetic and refreshed vision that embodies the simplisitic approach Dr. Garnis Jones originally intended for total skin revitalization.

Our new online shop, as relaunched with a smaller selection of our signature products. Some of our original products will be added in the near future along with some new enhanced formulations crafted for a lifetime of beautiful skin.

If you wish to purchase some of our old products, we will have some stock available for a limited time. You can contact us at info@puristeskincare.com to make an order.

Please visit www.puristeskincare.com to shop our new product line.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have supported us over the years.